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Welcome to Kitchen Remodeling Charlotte

At Kitchen Remodeling Charlotte, we provide an array of kitchen remodeling services based on your project’s range and budget. We offer anything from resurfacing countertops and repainting cabinetry to entirely gutting the kitchen and reworking the kitchen’s entire footprint to match it to your needs and make it more efficient.

Things to Consider

If you want to resurface, you should take the time to think about what materials you use and how they will work for you.

If it is a full renovation, many things need to be considered since it is a chance for you to make your kitchen work precisely as you want it to. For example, you want a cooking triangle so you can put your appliances in the proper location to be easier to open, more livable, and more entertaining. You have to consider your family size and how many people your kitchen area can handle. It would be best if you also think about the things you use in your kitchen space, and there is enough space for them after the project. Lastly, think about the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.


Kitchen Supplies Charlotte

At Kitchen Supplies Charlotte, we have every kitchen supplies you need. From cookware to pans and utensils. We can provide you all the supplies you need to achieve your dream kitchen.

We have listed some essential kitchen supplies to help you with your dream kitchen.


When cooking something with liquids, for example, boiling pasta or simmering sauces, a saucepan is essential. At Kitchen Supplies Charlotte, we have different saucepans like a non-stick saucepan and a stainless steel saucepan to provide you the perfect saucepan for your kitchen.

2.Non-stick Frying Pan

A non-stick frying pan is essential to every household to cook perfect eggs and pancakes. It can also be used for sauteing vegetables, searing meats, and making sauces. We have a stainless steel frying pan and even an aluminum frying pan.

3.Sheet Pans

You can do much stuff with sheet pans that include baking meats, roasting vegetables, toasting nuts, and baking cookings.

4.Glass Baking Dish

It is perfect to use a glass baking dish in baking like enchiladas and casseroles in the oven. Since it is microwave-safe, you can use it to pre-cook vegetables or even to thoroughly cook veggies.


A 12-quart stockpot is perfect for bigger bathes of stews, soups, and pasta. You can cook your soup here evenly because its base allows for even heating.

6.Measuring Spoons

It is more convenient to have a set of measuring spoons for exact measurements. These measuring spoons are necessary for baking and cooking that requires precise measurements. They also have mini spoons for scooping spices and herbs.


Knives are one of the essential tools in the kitchen since you always need one when you cook. Having a high-quality knife is vital since you use a knife every time you prepare your food. 

It would be best to get different knives, such as a serrated knife and paring knife. Each type of knife serves other purposes. For example, a serrated knife is perfect for slicing tomatoes and bread. At the same time, a paring knife is ideal for small, more delicate jobs.

8.Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are not only used in baking, but it is also used in your everyday cooking. We have a set of measuring cups for measuring ingredients and a small amount of liquid such as oils and sauce more quickly.

9.Wooden Spoons

These wooden spoons are non-abrasive, so you do not have to worry about your cooking surfaces. However, you should not put them in the dishwasher. We have a set of different wooden spoons to use for various kinds of cooking.


A peeler is essential for removing the peels of vegetables, shaving of cheese, or making veggie ribbons. You better make sure you have a good, sharp peeler.


Tongs are one of the most useful tools in the kitchen because they are used to flip big pieces of food, and they are also helpful in moving ingredients around the frying pan or on a sheet pan.

These are just a few of the essentials in the kitchen. There are still a lot of tools and supplies you need for your ideal kitchen.

For more information about kitchen supplies, contact Kitchen Supplies Charlotte. Our experts are more than happy to answer all your questions and provide you all you need for your kitchen.

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