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Welcome to Kitchen Remodeling Charlotte

At Kitchen Remodeling Charlotte, we provide an array of kitchen remodeling services based on your project’s range and budget. We offer anything from resurfacing countertops and repainting cabinetry to entirely gutting the kitchen and reworking the kitchen’s entire footprint to match it to your needs and make it more efficient.

Things to Consider

If you want to resurface, you should take the time to think about what materials you use and how they will work for you.

If it is a full renovation, many things need to be considered since it is a chance for you to make your kitchen work precisely as you want it to. For example, you want a cooking triangle so you can put your appliances in the proper location to be easier to open, more livable, and more entertaining. You have to consider your family size and how many people your kitchen area can handle. It would be best if you also think about the things you use in your kitchen space, and there is enough space for them after the project. Lastly, think about the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.



Many homeowners remodel their kitchens for some reason. That is why Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte, NC, is here to help them transform their kitchen into something they dream of with careful planning. Our team is experts in various specialties to make sure you get your dream kitchen. Follow this kitchen remodeling guide to launch your ideal kitchen project successfully.

Steps To Achieve Your Dream Kitchen

     1. Evaluate Your Kitchen’s Need

In remodeling the kitchen, your ideas are essential. Begin the process by evaluating your current kitchen lacking and what you do not like in your kitchen. Also, write a list of your kitchen needs and what you want to see inside your kitchen. You can write down from the appliances and furniture to the fixtures and functionality.

Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte NC

     2. Search An Inspiration For Your Design

After writing down the things your kitchen needs, it is time to be inspired. The next step is to look for kitchens with features, layouts, and finishes that accommodate your demands and match your taste. You can browse our kitchen remodels portfolio to see the kitchen transformations we had made for our past clients.

It would be best to visit other places online, such as Pinterest and Instagram, and the pictures you like. You may also make design inspiration files with images from magazines. Make sure you mark the exact features in the picture. You should also include paints swatches and fabric samples in your files to help you start piecing together a design.

     3. Calculate a Budget

Kitchen remodeling can be expensive, and calculating your budget is essential. When it comes to budgeting for remodeling, experts advised homeowners to follow the “5 to 15” rule. This guideline tells that it is practical to spend 5 to 15 percent of your home’s overall value to remodel your kitchen. For a $300,000 home, your budget should be around $18,000 to $45,000, depending on the range and complexity of your project.

Next, evaluate the allocation of this money. Most kitchen remodeling allocates the budget as follow:

  • Cabinetry- 48%

  • Countertops- 18%

  • Appliances- 15%

  • Flooring- 5%

  • Fixtures, lighting walls, and trim- 14%

Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte NC

     4. Identify Your Needs and Extras

After evaluating how to allocate your budget, you should identify your priorities. What are the things you need and the things you want? You may don’t have enough funds to achieve your dream kitchen, but you can achieve the perfect space for your need, despite the financial issues with little adjustments and creativity. The designers in Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte, NC, will work carefully and attentively with you to make sure your budget will go to the items you will appreciate the most.

     5. Look For A Reputable Kitchen Remodeling Company

Choosing the remodeling company is crucial to the success of your kitchen remodeling project. You would like to work with a company with excellent quality and affordability, keep communication open, and treat you right throughout the process.

Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte, NC, has several great experts in remodeling. They can help you build your ideal kitchen by suggesting some widespread features you might not have thought about before. With all the necessary certifications, sessions of training, and years of kitchen renovation experience, Kitchen Remodeling in Charlotte, NC, guarantees you a job well done.

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