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Welcome to Kitchen Remodeling Charlotte

At Kitchen Remodeling Charlotte, we provide an array of kitchen remodeling services based on your project’s range and budget. We offer anything from resurfacing countertops and repainting cabinetry to entirely gutting the kitchen and reworking the kitchen’s entire footprint to match it to your needs and make it more efficient.

Things to Consider

If you want to resurface, you should take the time to think about what materials you use and how they will work for you.

If it is a full renovation, many things need to be considered since it is a chance for you to make your kitchen work precisely as you want it to. For example, you want a cooking triangle so you can put your appliances in the proper location to be easier to open, more livable, and more entertaining. You have to consider your family size and how many people your kitchen area can handle. It would be best if you also think about the things you use in your kitchen space, and there is enough space for them after the project. Lastly, think about the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.



Choosing beautiful finishes and fixtures for your new kitchen is vital; however, when you get the design wrong, your kitchen will not function as well as you want it. That is why professional help is required to deliver the kitchen design you want for your cooking area.

A kitchen with good design and layout functions better than the kitchen, which was not designed well. So, avoid these common mistakes to achieve kitchens that look great and serve beautifully.


Kitchen Design Charlotte


1.No Enough Circulation Space

Having enough circulation space in the kitchen allows you to move comfortably and accommodates your family and guests at the same time. If you do not have enough space, it will be challenging to open appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators.

To have adequate circulation, try to have at least 4 feet of space between kitchen countertops. Allow a little more space if there is a passage leading through the kitchen.

2.Not Planning Around The Workflow

It is essential to have a good kitchen workflow. Having a good kitchen workflow helps your kitchen to be efficient and very functional. You do not have to run backward and forwards between the different parts of your kitchen every time you cook, prep, or wash.

Carefully consider how you use your kitchen while planning the design. Increase your kitchen’s usability by adding storage for spices and oils near the cooking area and storing cutlery and dishes near the dishwasher.

3.Lack Of Planning The Appliances

The lack of planning for the appliances can affect the function and space of your kitchen. It will be hard to open cabinets and other devices and reduce the circulation space. Not measuring small appliances such as blenders and microwaves can cause issues too. Without proper planning, they may end up sitting out on the counter and creating clutter.

It would be better to select appliances in advance, measuring the dimensions and how they open to ensure that your kitchen design can accommodate them in concealed, tailored storage. It applies as well as to pots and pans.

4.Poor Placement of Lights

Lightings are essential in the kitchen. It affects your kitchen workflow, and low lighting placement will make you work in the shadows.

Another lighting mistake is prioritizing aesthetic over functionality. It is not practical if you do not have enough light over your work surfaces.

Place lighting slightly in front of you instead of directly overhead or behind you. It will be easier for you to control lighting levels and atmosphere if you install downlights, pendant lights, and sconces on separate circuits. And use bulbs that provide enough light to see what you are doing when you are cooking.

5.Not Prioritizing Function

It is essential to put your kitchen’s busiest areas-- the sink, fridge, and stove-- in suitable locations closely connected while allowing sufficient space for people to use and access them comfortably.


Kitchen Design Charlotte

When planning the kitchen’s design, think about how many people live in your home and use the kitchen area at the same time. Better plan your kitchen design and choose the appliances before you start looking at cabinetry.

Planning your kitchen’s design will help a lot in delivering your dream kitchen. A good layout requires good planning. So, to avoid making these mistakes, you should have a clear idea about your kitchen’s design and function.

Kitchen Design Charlotte will help you in deciding the design for your kitchen. Our team is expert in delivering aesthetically beautiful and functional designs for the kitchen. They have been trained and well-experienced in providing excellent services.

Contact Kitchen Design Charlotte today to design for your new kitchen remodeling!

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